Welcome to my official website!

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Hello, hello! Welcome to my official website. I am so excited to share everything that I have been working on for the past three years with you all. It’s crazy how things come together, step by step. All the moments in my life – the heartbreak, the challenges, the successes and the failures – have lead me to this day and I couldn’t be happier.

I am so grateful to God for the doors He has opened and the many doors He has closed. I want nothing more than to make people smile and leave them with a hint of inspiration. It is my prayer that my music, my stories, and my life can impact you all in a great way.

I cannot wait to see where this road takes me and I look forward to what lies ahead. I’m already living the dream. Everything from this point on is just bonus.

To infinity and beyond,

Madison Alexis

  • David Huang on

    Hi Madison~This is David. I Saw your video on youtube and absolutely loved it! And I also saw some the events that you performed in TX. Wish you are in Vancouver tho. cuz’ I’m finally going to open my own cafe ^^ Having an artist like you in the cafe is going to be wonderful. I make music too and trying to combine my music and my syphon style coffee. Hope it works~Anyway hope you all the best! And I’ll continue support you through iTunes!

  • Aj Fernandes on

    Hi Madison

    Like the one million Chinese people that watched your cover of hey soul sister I did too and it was awesome. Have you recorded that song in a studio. If so can I have the link for it.

    Keep up the good work and hope to hear you on the radio some day.

  • raj on

    Let me just say… I heard your hey soul sister and I am in love..your genuine way of singing was so just makes me smile always. I am 26yr old goof ball from Dallas…If u come down to Dallas.. It would be my pleasure to buy you dinner and drinks..!

    Voice & you.. pure beauty.

    Sending love from Dallas

    Raj S

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